Our designs boost mood, shape and confidence.

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Boost creates innovative products that boost mood and confidence. We design with and for our community of users to ensure their needs and desires are met.

Our first product is a breast form that is both breathable and beautiful. We are challenging the assumption that a breast form needs to imitate skin tone. We’ve been working with breast form wearers to develop a product that suits their needs and pocket. We think it’s time that more choice was available to breast form wearers.

Our values

  • Choice
  • Self-Expression and Style
  • Breaking Taboos and Raising Awareness
  • Joy

What makes Boost different?

  • We founded Boost because we believe that breast forms don’t have to be beige.
  • Boost embraces the healing, celebratory and expressive qualities of colour.
  • We involve people who wear our products in our design process.
  • We are working towards creating a fully customisable product that puts wearers in control of the look and feel of their breast form.



The Feel Good Breast Form

Wear it inside the pocket of your post-surgery bra.
A beautiful object you can enjoy looking at when you're not wearing it - leave it on your dresser . . .
... or beside your bed

Beautiful and breathable, the Boost feel good breast form is lightweight and allows air to circulate, keeping you cooler and sweat-free.
The lightly textured surface grips the fabric of your bra, keeping the breast form in place, preventing the travel many experience with smooth silicone gel prostheses.
Suitable for swimming and exercise, the Boost breast form helps you pursue an active lifestyle. Quick to dry and easy to clean, the Boost breast form is easy to look after.

Product benefits

Size guide

Boost breast forms are designed to fit in a pocketed bra. Please ensure you are happy with your bra fitting before choosing your size. Our size chart is a guide only; we understand that people's bodies and bra designs vary which can cause variations in fit. Please contact us if you need further advice or guidance.

* XS and XL sizes will not be available in our first producation run.

Boost uses colour and design to enhance mood; we want our customers to feel like they are opening a special gift each time they interact with our product; we want the experience to feel fun and positive – not just a necessity.

We are turning something that people “just get on with” to something people will enjoy.

Don't make do, make better.


If you care about choice, style and enhancing mind and body then join our community.